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Direct Hire Fee

Direct Hire Fee

SKU: 364215376135191

The company will pay this Fee for each candidate that Company or its affiliate employs in any capacity* within three hundred and sixty (360) days after HowToStaff refers the candidate to Company. HowToStaff will invoice Company for the placement of the candidate on the first day of candidate’s employment. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

  • Replacement Guarantee

    Replacement Guarantee. When Company fully pays for the candidate's placement within twenty-one (21) days after the candidate's start date and the placed candidate's employment with Company is terminated within a guarantee period of the first 30 calendar days, for reasons other than layoff, lack of work, change in work scope, cancellation of the project, or change in the Company's location, HowToStaff will elect either to replace the candidate without additional charge or to refund a percentage of the paid fee to account for the unworked percentage of the guarantee period. HowToStaff will not be directly or indirectly liable for the acts or omissions of candidates referred to Company.