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Attract more candidates using Video Messaging | HowToStaff

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Designed to get responses and capture the imagination.

The demand for employees is at an all-time high, driving many employers to unconventional hiring methods. Finding new avenues to attract candidates isn't new; I've used a couple of dozen processes while attracting thousands for my clients. However, capturing the attention of today's job seekers requires a message focused on the personal rewards of working for you.

Tip #1 - Use video messaging in ads and initial correspondence

To differentiate your message, actively reviewing and adjusting your communication methods are critical to success. Using boilerplate, templated messages on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Job Boards, others aren't doing anything to set you apart from the competition. In todays market sending a job description is equivalent to hanging a 'Help Wanted' sign.

Whereas crafting communication uniquely tailored towards the individual makes them feel valued and appreciated. The personal touch applied in a sincere video message goes far beyond standard marketing tactics!

Tip #2 – Make the message about THEM

Imagine yourself opening a message on LinkedIn with a video message with a recruiter speaking directly to you.

"I was just shown your LinkedIn profile page and I'm very impressed. We decided you're worth more than a simple email, so I'm sending this message with the hopes of knowing more about you and your future goals……...

Tip #3 – People buy benefits, not features

Now that you've put the spotlight on them, you'll have their attention. Share a line or two about the personal benefits and rewards your companies culture provides. Don't recite what's on 95% of every job description; Rather, make prospect feel how their life will be impacted when joining the team.

Again, how would this continued message impact YOU?

….. HowToStaff believes a rested team is a healthy team and our employee designed benefits package suggests the same.....



Closed on Fridays

Starting our weekends Thursday night gives us an extra day to travel or binge watch entire shows guilt free on Friday

Substantial bonuses

The annual employee bonuses pay off student loans, buy cars, pay for travel, and down payments on homes

Unlimited Vacation

Our anxiety free vacation program ensures family and personal time by scheduling a paid week off every quarter.

Tip #4 – Encourage, Ask and Thank them

Reaffirm that your recognizing past achievements, and you'd enjoy speaking to get to know them better.

"Based on your profile and work history, I'm certain you're selective when responding to interview requests so I thank you for listening. I've added a link to my personal calendar with the hope of learning your long term objectives and how HowToStaff can help you reach these goals.

Watch this example of a direct message used to recruit on LinkedIn video | Improve your recruiting process using video messaging.

Tip #5 – Less is More and Telling isn't Selling

I'm selling a red 2015 Porsche Boxster with 89,000 miles, new tires, straight body, good roof, and black leather interior for $28K. Do you want to buy it?
It seems you love cars, what's your favorite?

Successful salespeople understand the key to a happy customer is understanding their needs. A recruiter is a salesperson, looking to discover the prospects needs.

You'll notice the video message doesn't mention open positions Titles, Pay, or required Skills. Preventing prospects from defining themselves to match the job descriptions allows you to find the best fit.

With the demand for employees so high, many employers are turning to personalized video messaging as a way to capture the attention of job seekers. By focusing on the personal rewards of working for your company and tailoring your communication specifically to the individual recruit, you can make them feel valued and appreciated. The personal touch of a video message is sure to leave a lasting impression and may just be the deciding factor in whether or not they decide to join your team.

Have you tried using video messages to attract candidates? Let me know in the comments below!

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