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Buy Charlotte Olympia Shoes

So far, my concerns that kitty flats might become outdated have been proven completely wrong. On the contrary, since the design was first introduced in 2011, the kitty trend had been so in demand that it led to many different iterations of the feline-faced shoes reimagined to embrace not only a vast range of colours, leathers and inspirations for cat faces but also new styles including mules, trainers, house slippers and even baby booties, to name just a few. I guess the love of shoes and cats is timeless and never goes out of fashion!

buy charlotte olympia shoes

As it is clear that Charlotte Olympia kitty flats are far more than a seasonal craze, I wanted to share my experiences of these striking shoes with those of you still thinking of buying the first pair and wondering whether they would make a wise fashion investment. As I have been lucky to have in my possession both the classic and the pointy toe version, I will provide feedback with regards to both designs which, hopefully, will be of some use to anyone hesitating between these two styles.

Just by looking at Charlotte Olympia kitty flats there is no doubt that we are dealing with luxury footwear. The quality of these shoes is phenomenal, whether it is the cute cat-face embellishment on the velvet uppers or the coated golden heel, every detail has been lined, finished and polished to absolute perfection. The silky and supple calfskin leather underlining the plush velvet gives the flats an incredibly soft feel justifying, somewhat, the rather extravagant price tag. The toe cap of each shoe is cleverly shaped so its contour resembles kitty ears adding to the charming character of the flats. The edges of the uppers are finished with beautiful gold metallic piping matching the decorative golden heel block. In terms of aesthetics, the shoes are sheer perfection.

While the classic version of Charlotte Olympia kitty flats has a rounded toe, the shoes are also available in a pointy toe variety. In the more recent collections, the silhouette of the latter features an asymmetrical half opening which reveals a part of the foot arch. In the earlier versions (like the one shown in this review), there was no cut-out and the flats had the same appearance and foot coverage as the round toe equivalent. [Back to Menu]

One of my favourite things about the classic velvet Charlotte Olympia kitty flats is that there is absolutely nothing controversial about their fit and sizing. The shoes run true to size and there is no need to worry about the break-in period, stretching or the shoes being narrow. In that respect, the kitty flats are truly worth the money. Once you have put your paws on them, you can literally just slip them on and off you go, no worries, no fuss.

If you opt for a pair of kitty flats with pointed toe, from my experience these require slightly more work. In terms of fit, they also run true to size and there is no need to make any adjustments up or down. However, as the spiky front is narrow and feels quite tight at first, the flats need stretching before they can be worn for hours without putting pressure on toes. The good news is that the shoes are quite malleable and by virtue of being lined with very soft leather it does not take too long for the toe box to relax.

Charlotte Olympia kitty flats are fabulously comfortable and, so far, all my experiences with the classic round toe version in velvet finish have been overwhelmingly positive. The flats come out of the box and can be worn for hours without causing any rubbing, blisters, or putting pressure on the ball of the foot. Whoever designed the profile and the toe box of the kitty shoes deserves a medal for it is pure perfection! They are, by far, my top choice for days when I need to be on my feet a lot or for long-haul flights because they still feel comfortable even when worn on a slightly swollen foot. I am not sure if the same applies to the kitty flats in patent leather as I have not tried them yet but the round-toe velvet version is simply fantastic.

The pointy Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, once stretched, are also comfortable but the toe box will never be as accommodating as the classic toe version. This is understandable as all pointy shoes tend to feel tighter in the narrow, spikey area. Therefore, to anyone looking for their very first pair of kitty flats I would recommend starting with the round toe style as they are, in my view, a superior option in terms of comfort and usability, and then following up with other designs because, the truth is, the shoes are quite addictive and once pair is never enough?. [Back to Menu]

To be honest, by looking at them it is difficult to believe that the shoes have such a considerable mileage. The velvet is still clean and shiny without any significant stains, scratches or indents. The embroidered cat face remains intact and there are no loose threads affecting the pattern. There are only very minor scratches and scuffs on the golden block heel which has otherwise retained its high shine. The golden piping adorning the upper edges of the flats also remains as good as new with no cracks or discolouration. Overall, the durability of kitty flats vastly exceeded my expectations which only attests to the amazing quality and craftsmanship of these fabulous shoes.

The only area which gives away that the shoes are not brand new is the tip of the toe where the flats came in contact with the ground. In there, along the outer edge, you can detect some residue of dust and discolouration which would have been picked up from the dirt of the pavement.

Another area affected by the wear and tear is the tip of the outer sole which gently wears down with use. To extend their lifespan, after some time the ballerinas will benefit from being re-soled which should protect the velvet fronts and give the shoes a new lease of life.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the longevity of velvet shoes will never be comparable to that of leather equivalents and in order to help them shine for as long as possible they will require some regular TLC. While kitty flats do not come with any specific care instructions, common sense approach should prevail. As such, they should be kept away from rain and mud because they can damage the delicate velvet exterior. If you opt for a lighter colour, they will be more susceptible to dust on the floor or pavements so the shoes may benefit from being gently wiped/brushed to remove any residue but without the use 0f water or chemicals. It is also best to stay away from gravel because it can scratch the delicate golden heel. Other than that, they are there for you to enjoy! [Back to Menu]

As a self-confessed kitty flat addict I can honestly say that these shoes not only constitute a good investment but are, without exaggeration, one of the best shoe investments I have ever made. I know this is quite a statement but 100 per cent true! Aside from being super cute and fabulously comfortable, they have established their position as one of the new classic styles which do not appear to lose their appeal while seasonal trends come and go. They are also stylish and perfect for many occasions, easily paired up with smart as well as casual attire. Not mentioning that they always garner attention and will earn you many compliments because the design is simply adorable. 041b061a72


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