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Marvel - Search Results

We actively maintain a quality network of Independent Dealers & Servicers that sell and service Marvel Premium Refrigeration products. These designations are included in search results. Please use the list below to help you find one that meets your needs.

marvel - search results

Turnstone is a new library that enables React developers to do just that. This lightweight library (12.2kB Gzip) ships with autocomplete, automated caching, WAI-ARIA accessibility, and other features that let you build a functional and accessible search component.

The Turnstone component accepts a variety of properties used to control different parts of the search box. Everything from the styling of the component, what data source the search box queries from, error messages, and more can be configured with the appropriate prop.

In this scenario, a ratio property can be used to specify the number of results that occupies listbox in relation to maxItems. This means, if maxItems is set to 10 for example, the ratio number from each data source should add up to 10.

As explained earlier, keys in the styles object represent a certain element of the search component. We can style elements like the listbox, highlighted items in the listbox, and even the color of the autocomplete text to create a better looking search box:

Interestingly enough, Wikipedia entry also disappears from the search results. You can easily get back the results by once again clicking the Infinity Gauntlet. When you click the Infinity Gauntlet one more time, it glows for a brief moment and all previously vanished search results reappear before your eyes. 041b061a72


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