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Akai Mpk Mini Mk1 Drivers For Mac

MPK mini is an ultra-compact keyboard with an impressive array of buttons, knobs and pads that provide hands-on performance and production control over your music software. With a 25-key velocity-sensitive keyboard, 8 backlit MPC-style pads and 8 Q-Link knobs, the MPK mini is the ultimate portable controller to get your music moving.

Akai Mpk Mini Mk1 Drivers For Mac

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The MPK mini's keyboard is ideal for quickly capturing your musical ideas on the go. The velocity-sensitive keys allow for dynamic musical expression, and you can access different pitch ranges via the dedicated Octave Up and Down buttons. Create sparkling staccato leads with the built-in Arpeggiator. Tap-Tempo and Sustain controls are included.

MPK mini's 8 backlit, velocity-sensitive pads are based on Akai Professional's MPC line of iconic music production instruments. Fire one-shot samples and sequencing drum patterns. Use the pads to send note information, MIDI CCs, or even program changes. The Bank button gives you instant access to 2 banks, putting a total of 16 pads at your fingertips.

Additionally, the MPK mini has 8 assignable Q-Link knobs to control virtually any parameter in your software. MPK mini works plug-and-play with Mac and PC and requires no software driver installation or wall power for operation. It has four memory banks for programming and recalling settings appropriate to your favorite software programs. The included software editor lets you quickly map MPK mini's controls as well.

The MPK mini Software Manager will be saved as an application in your computer's Application or Programs folder. Just open the MPK mini Software Manager to access your software and installers at any time!

Note: If you do not see any icons under the Expansions tab, it's likely that the Sample Packs have not been installed yet. In this case, open the MPK mini Software Manager from your computer's Application or Program folder. Click on the Software tab to view your downloads. Click the Install button to the right of a Sample Pack to install the sound content.

Go mobile without losing control. The new MPK mini is an ultra-compact keyboard controller designed for the traveling musician and the desktop producer. With an array of hardware controls, MPK mini lets you record, compose, and perform with virtual instruments, effect plugins, and DAWs whenever inspiration strikes. It features 25 velocity-sensitive synth-action keys, a 4-way thumbstick for dynamic pitch and modulation manipulation, 8 backlit velocity-sensitive MPC-style pads, and 8 assignable Q-Link knobs. Plus, two banks expand the number of MPC-style pads to 16 for extended creative capabilities.

For maximum portability, MPK mini requires no software drivers or external power adapter for operation. It supports plug-and-play connectivity, features USB-MIDI, and powers up with a single USB connection to your Mac or PC. Four memory banks enable you to store hardware/software presets for quick and easy setting up of your computer and MPK mini.

MPK mini comes bundled with professional production software and virtual instruments for immediate music creation. Hybrid 3, by AIR Music Tech, is a high-definition synthesizer that can create anything from fat, retro synth sounds to edgy modern leads and everything in between. MPC Beats is a free and fully featured beat making DAW software for both Mac and PC based on the legendary MPC workflow. It also works as a VST plugin inside any major DAW. From the moment you install MPC Beats, you're ready to start creating, fast. Utilize over 2GB worth of content including samples, loops, and built-in virtual instrument plugins to craft your sound. Experience plug and play compatibility with all class-compliant USB controllers. MPC Beats has plenty of power for ambitious creators with over 80 audio FX plugins to warp, manipulate and transform audio into whatever you can think of. Plus VST/AU compatibility means there's room to expand your sonic palette with compatible third-party virtual instrument plugins and audio processing plugins. You can even record instruments or vocals with 2 stereo audio tracks to add live elements to your music.

Hi Guiness2u1 thank you for the advise. I tried it like you explained but unfortunately it is not working. I tried about 15x times with two different cables.... Nothing. With the connection kit and USB hub it is working but this makes the itrack dock useless, at least in combination with the mpk mini mk2. The focusrite support answerd me that they are going to check it out and then probably will put it on the list with not working midi controllers. Akai also answered me this: "The unit should definitely work in a class compliant manner." I must admit that I am a little disappointed as it makes no sense why mpk mk1 works but mk2 doesn't!!! Any experience or more ideas anyone???

Update: I coudn't get the Akai MPK mini mk2 to work with the itrack dock, i even tried a second mk2 but made no difference. Today I bought the akai mpk mini (mk1) and guess what: didn't work either!!! I went to the store and tried everything the another itrack dock they had, and didn't work either,I returned everything and got money back. I am very sorry because I loved the Itrack dock. Now at home I must admit, that I totally forgot to update the akai mpk mini (mk1) with newest drivers (Me=stupid) Probably I made a mistake with giving back everything. So my question is, if anyone has tried the itrack dock with the akai mpk mini (mk1) for compatibility ???? If yes, I would consider to buy everything again, but from the other side the Itrack dock seems to be still in its baby shoes and maybe the next gen will be finally adult with no midi issues... Hard to tell, what would you do? Thanks so much!!!

The focusrite is a good dock. Good audio quality. Lot of controls on front (volume, gain, direct monitoring, lights when signal detected). Regarding midi, there are no midi ports, only a USB port. The USB port works with "class compliant" keyboards that also have usb. That means the keyboard has to be plug and play, no drivers needed. I have a yamaha keyboard. No yamaha keyboard is class compliant because yamaha writes it's own drivers for all its keyboards to communicate over usb. Focusrite's website has a list of compatible keyboards. Solution is easy peasy though: get a midi to usb adapter from m-audio ($35) which is class compliant and is listed on the focusrite website. Of course there should have been midi ports on the dock to avoid this issue but the m-audio midi to usb adapter solves the problem and then you can use any keyboard with midi ports.

The akai actually looks nice for a compact controller because it is bus powered, meaning it doesn't need an a/c adapter or batteries, but instead it gets its power from the usb host (e.g. the focusrite).

Another midi to usb adapter that solves the issue of connecting a midi keyboard is the iconnect mio. This was recommended by focusrite tech support and is carried by Guitar Center. It's class compliant, no drivers needed.

@anne i tried ALL of the troubleshootings. it just didn't work with the akai mpk mini mk2, and yeah, it's my fault not updating the newest firmware on the mpk mini (mk1) BUT it didn't work with the mk2, and I really tried everything a thousand times . It is USB B to USB A cable, maybe that's the problem????

Any midi keyboard without midi ports and only a usb port should be plug and play (class compliant). This means it doesn't need drivers (because the industry standard usb class drivers are already built into the operating system of the host computer or iPad). It should work with the Focusrite.

Midi ports don't need drivers. Only usb ports need drivers. The issue is whether the usb ports on the midi keyboard use their own drivers or if the keyboard doesn't have usb drivers and instead relies on the built in drivers of the host (computer or iPad).

Dude! thanks a lot for this, found it on reddit, i gave my mpk mini to a friend that wanted to try it before buying one and messed the factory midi mappings and all my midi maps for traktor were f*ucked up, this is quality content for real.

So what is a mini MIDI controller? It is a small keyboard that allows you to send MIDI to your laptop or PC. The reason why they have become popular is that they are extremely portable and often cheap.

The Novation Mini MK III is easily one of the best mini MIDI keyboards on the market. This thing is great all around, coming locked and loaded with 16 pads and the ability to control a hardware synthesizer.

The new mini MIDI controllers will automatically work with your laptop. This is the same thing for using your device with an I-pad or I-phone too. If you are going to play shows we recommend a laptop stand for keyboard players.

iRig Keys is MIDI and USB class compliant for a true plug-and-play experience both with iOS and Android devices as well as Mac/PC. No additional apps, software or drivers are necessary to get it up and running.

Months ago, I had a good experience with Korg Module Pro. It has the range of high quality sounds that I need for my church gig. So, I decided to eschew battery-powered MIDI modules like the MidiPLUS miniEngine USB and go iPad and Korg Module Pro.

I tried a bunch of controller candidates. (See the end of this post for more info.) I had the best experience and minimal number of wires with built-in Bluetooth MIDI. The SHS-500 Sonogenic, in particular, is nearly ideal:


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