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Why You Should Avoid FabFilter Pro Q 2020 Crack License Key and Buy the Original Product

FabFilter Pro Q: A Professional EQ Plug-in for Mixing and Mastering

If you are looking for a high-quality EQ plug-in that offers flexibility, functionality, and ease of use, you might want to check out FabFilter Pro Q. This plug-in has been praised by many mixing and mastering engineers, producers, and musicians for its sound quality, features, and interface. In this article, we will review FabFilter Pro Q and see what makes it stand out from other EQ plug-ins.

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Features and benefits

FabFilter Pro Q has many features and benefits that make it a powerful tool for shaping your sound. Here are some of them:

Dynamic EQ mode

One of the most innovative features of FabFilter Pro Q is the dynamic EQ mode. This mode allows you to adjust the gain of each band dynamically based on the input signal. This means that you can use it to control resonances, sibilance, harshness, or any other frequency-related issues without affecting the rest of the spectrum. You can also use it to add movement or excitement to your sound by modulating the gain of certain bands.

To enable dynamic EQ mode, you just need to click on the small icon at the bottom left corner of each band. You can then adjust the range knob to set the maximum amount of gain boost or cut that will be applied dynamically. You can also choose the direction of the dynamic action (upward or downward) by clicking on the arrows next to the range knob.

External spectrum visualization

Another useful feature of FabFilter Pro Q is the external spectrum visualization. This feature lets you compare the frequency spectrum of different instances of Pro Q or other sources. This can help you identify frequency collisions or gaps between tracks or buses.

To use this feature, you need to enable the analyzer option in the bottom toolbar of Pro Q. You can then select the source that you want to compare with from the drop-down menu next to the analyzer button. You can also adjust the resolution, tilt, and range of the analyzer to suit your needs.

Surround sound support

If you are working with surround sound formats, you will appreciate the surround sound support of FabFilter Pro Q. This plug-in supports up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 surround formats and allows you to EQ each channel separately or in groups. You can also link or unlink the gain, frequency, and Q of each band across channels.

To use this feature, you need to select the surround format that matches your project from the output routing menu in the bottom toolbar of Pro Q. You can then switch between channels by clicking on the channel labels above the EQ curve. You can also drag and drop channels to group them together or use the link buttons to link or unlink parameters.

Filter shapes and slopes

FabFilter Pro Q offers a variety of filter shapes and slopes to suit different purposes and preferences. You can choose from 24 different filter shapes, such as bell, notch, shelf, cut, tilt, and brickwall. You can also adjust the slope of each filter from 6 dB/octave to 96 dB/octave.

To change the filter shape or slope of a band, you can use the shape and slope buttons at the bottom right corner of each band. You can also use the mouse wheel or drag vertically on the EQ curve to change the slope.

Spectrum grab and EQ match

Two more features that make FabFilter Pro Q a great EQ plug-in are spectrum grab and EQ match. These features enable you to quickly identify and correct problematic frequencies or match the EQ curve of another source.

Spectrum grab allows you to grab and adjust any peak in the real-time spectrum analyzer by simply clicking and dragging on it. This way, you can easily find and fix resonances, spikes, or dips in your spectrum.

EQ match allows you to capture the frequency spectrum of any source and apply it to your current track. This way, you can make your track sound more consistent or coherent with another track. To use this feature, you need to select an external source from the side-chain input menu in the bottom toolbar of Pro Q. You can then click on the EQ match button and adjust the amount and smoothing parameters.

Pricing and discounts

If you are interested in buying FabFilter Pro Q, you might want to know how much it costs and how to get discounts. Here are some information on that:

Educational discount

If you are a student or a teacher, you can get a 50% discount on FabFilter products. All you need to do is provide proof of your educational status, such as a student ID card or a teacher certificate. You can apply for the educational discount on FabFilter's website.

Personal offer

If you are an existing customer of FabFilter, you can get up to 60% discount on additional plugins. The more plugins you own, the bigger the discount you get. You can check your personal offer on FabFilter's website.

Sales and promotions

FabFilter occasionally offers sales and promotions on their website or through authorized resellers. For example, they usually have a Black Friday sale every year where they offer 25% off on all their products. You can subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social media to stay updated on their latest deals.

Alternatives and competitors

FabFilter Pro Q is not the only EQ plug-in on the market. There are many alternatives and competitors that offer similar or different features and benefits. Here are some of them:

iZotope Neutron EQ

iZotope Neutron EQ is a dynamic EQ plug-in that also offers multiband compression, exciter, gate, and transient shaper modules. It is part of iZotope's Neutron mixing suite that aims to provide intelligent mixing tools and workflows.

Some of the pros of iZotope Neutron EQ are:

  • It has a smart assistant feature that analyzes your track and suggests optimal settings for each module.

  • It has a masking meter feature that detects and visualizes frequency collisions between tracks.

  • It has a sculptor feature that applies spectral shaping to enhance or attenuate specific tonal characteristics of your sound.

Some of the cons of iZotope Neutron EQ are:



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