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billy was a man of contradictions. at school he was a sportsman and a part of the in-crowd, drinking, smoking and hanging out at the old peoples. he had a close relationship with his father c.c. both felt trapped in their lives and both yearned for something else. billy was pursuing his dream of becoming a rockstar, although his dad had always made him realise that playing music wasnt going to free him from the kind of lifestyle he grew up in.

rock alternative vol 1 magix download 1

id love to see your album, billy. the coach of the school soccer team says as his team mates grab him and give him a shake. good job out there today. the coach proudly adds, before giving billy a hug.

a headmaster waits in the park outside the school gates. its been a tough year, billy thinks. hed planned to pass on the year-end concerts to begin preparations for the trial service all his students will have to attend. that was before events in the world began to escalate. the headmasters gaze rests on billys face and he reaches out to touch billys shoulder. come on in. you can play some jazz for us.

he likes to play long solos and billy is more than happy to oblige. he stands out among his fellow players as he plays his best solo ever. the headmaster is a jazz fanatic and when he hears the young mans skill, he cuts the applause. thank you. billy. youre quite good. well be in touch later.

whats this? the coach asks. he adds that billy will be representing his school in a closed-doors match. billy nods. thats great. he nods again, then sits with the coach to plan his strategy. billy takes a breath.


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