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Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 Black Screen

I followed the directions for pre-DirectX7 games exactly. It didn't work. When I try to load the game, it just gives me a black screen and Task Manager says the game is using 50% of my CPU. I don't even hear any sound.

jedi knight dark forces 2 black screen

Download Zip:

Even after editing the shortcut, neither of these two dlls fixed the game for us. The first simply caused the game to crash on startup, while the second produced a black-screen during gameplay. If you have a more modern graphics card that can handle DirectX11, you should use the fantastic dgVoodoo2 wrapper software instead. You can find a tutorial on how to use dgVoodoo2 here. Simply install it to your Jedi Knight game folder, overwriting any ddraw.dll file that may be in there already. Jedi Knight is a DirectX (not Glide) game. For best results, use the dgVoodoo2 configuration tool and force vertical sync (vsync) ON.

The most common issue with black screen is a problem with your GPU. Check to see if your video card meets the minimum requirements and install the latest drivers. Sometimes a black screen is the result of a lack of CPU performance.

After a cinematic showing Meetra Surik and his gang landing on the planet Onderon, players experiencing the bug are given a black screen that can't be skipped or progressed past. Gamers have no option but to restart their game and explore other parts of the world, or find another game to play until a fix. Furthermore, the defect happens about halfway through the game, which like Star Wars: KOTOR I, takes around 30 hours to complete the main quests.

Product: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderPlatform:Microsoft XBOX OneSummarize your bug Every time I attempt to travel to Kashyyyk, once I sit in the copilots chair, the screen goes black. It shows your health bar and a small two dot item on the screen that you can move with the controller thumb sticks. I am at a point in the game where I need to progress to Kashyyyk to continue the story. Unsure if this is a download issue, glitch, or an error with the disc I purchased. How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I am not sure if this is something that everyone is experiencing. What happens when the bug occurs? Screen goes black, stops me from doing anything other than access the menu.What do you expect to see? Each time I attempt to travel to Kashyyyk this happens. I will try to uninstall the game from my Xbox and then try again.

Status - This column is for the compatibility of the game with a uncompressed (1.35 GB) 1:1 disc image dump. Mark the game as "Works" if the game is 98-100% compatible. Mark the game as "Issues" if the game plays but may freeze or has graphical glitches but the game is still playable. Mark the game as "Doesn't work" if it freezes at the same point every time or fails to boot at all. Verify your game.iso here. Titles that work but have any missing audio due to disc streaming are to be entered as Works with notes of audio streaming. Also note that newer release versions of Nintendont always take priority. Should you happen to find that an up to date Nintendont breaks a game that is listed here as working with an older revision, mention the earlier compatible revision under Notes. Make sure to include the problem in the notes if the game fails to boot (black screen, green screen, freezing, etc)

Other people are getting stuck in one of the early levels of Episode I, as they transition from the Naboo to the underwater city of Otoh Gunga. Upon triggering the cutscene, players have been greeted by a black screen, with no way to progress without turning off the game and rebooting. For gamers facing this issue the only way around it is to avoid The Phantom Menace and start with a different trilogy.

This hilt is a blackened version of the hilt used by Padawan Ben Solo, as shown in The Last Jedi. It is speculated that his kyber crystal was cracked when he tried to bleed it (to turn it red) with the dark side of the Force, but his conflict during the dangerous ritual resulted in a failed result.

so I'm on the Unknown planet and ready to leave for the Star Forge, however, when I try traveling to the Star Forge via galaxy map, the cutscene for departure occurs, then I'm stuck on a black screen with only the cursor visable. Can't bring up menu, alt-tabbing doesn't work.

-kotor-1-restoration/^^^K1R -revans-flowing-cape-and-belt-fix/^^^Revan's Flwoing cape and belt fix -enhanced-merchants/^^^Enchanced Merchants -creature-reskin-pack/^^^Creature reskin pack -mandalorian-ultimate-mod/^^^Mandalorian Ultimate Mod -dragon-scale-robe-nasota-dyrels-robe/^^^ Dragon scale robe -m-8-assault-rifle-blaster-alternate-textures-in-aurabesh/^^^M8 assault blaster alternate texture -santa-hats/^^^Santa hats -m-98-widow-replacement/^^^M98 widow replacement -candy-canes-by-inyri-forge/^^^Candy Canes -sith-special-forces-armor/^^^Sith special forces armor -mp5/^^^MP5 -m1a1-thompson-10/^^^M1A1 Thompson -sunglasses/^^^Sunglasses -m-6-carnifex-hand-cannon-replacement/^^^M6 Carnifex -sithspecters-boba-fett/^^^Boba Fett -halo-energy-sword/^^^Halo energy sword -n7-valiant/^^^N7 Valiant -cassus-fett%E2%80%99s-unique-armor/^^^Cassus Fetts unique armor -k1-clone-wars-armors/^^^ K1 Clone Wars Armor -character-start-up-change/^^^Character start up change -blaster-pistol-ehancement/^^^Blaster pistol enhancement -dark-elf-pc-modsmale/^^^Dark elf PC mods male -k1-gloomwalkertwinkey-robe-pack/^^^K1 Gloomwalker/twinkey robe pack -k1vibrosword-replacement-pack/^^^K1 vibrosword replacement pack -captain-americas-gear/^^^Captain america's gear -segan-wyndhs-longsabers/^^^Segan Wyndh longsabers -bastilas-revelation-robes/^^^Bastila's revelation robes -revan-items/^^^Revan Items ^^^Kotor save editor ^^^White sith trooper armor ^^^Mission vao as darth talon ^^^KSE cutscene fix ^^^Bastila romance glitch fix ^^^Weapons of the old republic -yavin-iv-tsl-patcher-update-15-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-mod-free-15634.htm^^^Yavin IV -ebon-hawk-sith-re-skin-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-mod-free-15789.htm^^^Ebon hawk sith reskin -ebon-hawk-useable-supplies-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-mod-free-15855.htm^^^Ebon hawk useable supplies

My first guess is Bastila's revelation robes, since bastila02 through bastila06 UTCs caused a similar blackscreen for me when used with K1R. If that mod adds them into the Override, then there's a possible culprit.

A trick to see if that's the case was to save the game (hitting esc during the blackscreen then creating a save through the menu), quitting the game, and then loading that save. What I saw then was effectively a cuscene in progress with all of the characters frozen in place.

I can confirm that it is also an issue in vanilla KOTOR. One of those files, 03 if I'm remembering correctly, can also cause Bastila to be invisible during the interrogation scene on the Leviathan. Other than that and the black screen issue, of course, they don't seem to cause that many issues with the game, so you can probably still keep them in the override folder until those issues happen.

I experienced this bug myself several months ago. From my testing, K1 Party Leveler (the file "p_bastilla002.utc" that it contains, to be exact) was the mod that was causing that black screen bug. I reported the bug to the mod author who promised to look into it. This was the text of my bug report:

I experienced this bug myself several months ago. From my testing, K1 Party Leveler (the file "p_bastilla002.utc" that it contains, to be exact) was the mod that was causing that black screen bug. I reported the bug to the mod author who promised to look into it... 076b4e4f54


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