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Learn the Mathematical Tools You Need for Economics with Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis 4th Edition

the theory of game-theoretical equilibrium is the basis of all economic analysis. the first part of this book is devoted to the analysis of games with a finite number of players. of course, this analysis assumes that all players are rational and are concerned with maximizing their profit or utility. a crucial part of the book is devoted to the analysis of games with an infinite number of players. the theory of game-theoretical equilibrium in this second part of the book is used to analyze economic behavior in a wide variety of cases. the book also presents a number of new results in game theory, including results on the convexity of expected utility and on the computation of nash equilibria of games with an infinite number of players. it is one of the most comprehensive and coherent books on game theory in the english-speaking world.

Essential Mathematics For Economic Analysis 4th Edition

the fourth edition of the best-selling text presents a thorough introduction to calculus with a focus on applications to economics. it guides students through a wide variety of applications, and emphasizes concepts with a practical relevance for students of economics. it is designed to help students develop a firm grounding in the tools of calculus and the ability to use it to solve a wide range of practical economic problems. the fourth edition has been significantly updated to reflect changes in calculus, with a new chapter on the maximum principle for equations of second-order and higher, and new sections on optimization and regression.

the fourth edition of mathematical economics is designed to make the core of mathematical economics accessible to students with an undergraduate economics background. it presents the theory of large economies, with the emphasis on the theory of equilibrium and the use of mathematical methods to study models of economies with a focus on basic concepts, with an additional focus on applications. the fourth edition covers a wide range of applications including utility theory, consumption and production, saving and investment, and international trade.


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